Discover more about Mark, the man behind the Senior Corporate Consultant, Chief Financial Officer, Rural Policy Group Chairman, CBI South-East Regional Councillor and Public Speaker.

Who is Mark Lumsdon-Taylor?

Mark was born into the Lumsdon-Taylor family with its rich heritage as one of the largest employers in the North East of England. The famous Luxdon Laundries had been established almost 100 years earlier by Mark’s grandfather, Henry, who was also a highly respected pilot in World War 1.

One of five children, and the only boy, Mark performed well at school, going on to Keele University where he graduated in Law & Economics.

Freshly armed with a degree, as well as being a highly accomplished music scholar, Mark joined MacIntyre Hudson, the leading Auditing & Accountancy firm, under the Graduate Chartered Accountancy Training Programme, progressing to Director of Education. Mark also became a non executive Finance Director of an industrial enterprise, a financial services membership organisation and Board Trustee of the Ellenor charity – a major provider of hospice care.

Through MacIntyre Hudson, Mark was seconded directly into the Education sector to manage a failing rural Further Education college.

During his tenure, Mark achieved a number of significant accolades, including:

  • Youngest Public Sector Financial Director (2007 – Accountancy Age)
  • Finance for the Future Sustainability Award (2012 – ICAEW)
  • Business Finance Director UK (2014 – Finance Director Magazine)
  • Institute of Fiscal Turnaround Award UK (2016 – IFT)
  • Sustainability in Finance Award Kent (2016 – KEiBA – KCC)
  • National Sir Neville Bain ‘Blue Ribbon’ Corporate Governance Awards IoD (2018 – Institute of Directors)
  • Kent Ambassador since 2013

Despite the enormous turnaround and growth achieved, the college group subsequently fell victim to a decline in the appeal of a rural education, combined with a rapidly changing, and highly volatile, educational landscape as it moved into the twenty teen years.

In 2019, Mark earned an MSc Finance (merit), Sustainable Finance & Business, Masters (merit) from Manchester Metropolitan University.

Mark was about to enter a new phase in a distinguished career that had started in the post-graduation days with MacIntyre Hudson.

By now, Mark’s experience within the rural sector (including 12 years as a Board Director of Kent County Agricultural Society) had grown exponentially so, in 2019, he formed the Rural Policy Group where, as Chair of Council, he seeks to positively effect the rural agenda through the highly popular and influential RED talks, as well as a series of focused reports dealing with issues such as Food Poverty, Sustainability, Fair Pricing, Employment and Rural change.

In 2020, Mark was also contracted to Fourayes, the UK’s largest processor and grower of fruit, as Chief Financial Officer.

But Mark’s story doesn’t end there. Also in 2020, Mark came full circle, rejoining the now MHA MacIntyre Hudson as a Senior Corporate Consultant with specialist expertise in Food & Rural, FMCG, Transport & Logistics and, significantly, in Environmental Social Governance. Mark has pioneered the MHA MacIntyre Hudson service in this area with Richard Hall, developing the highly effective MHA MacIntyre Hudson Dynamic ESG model.

An accomplished speaker, Mark has spoken, and continues to speak, at major events, particularly within the Finance and Rural Sectors. His knowledge of applying business sustainable finance principles, business turnaround and transformation is exceptional.

Talk to Mark about his hobbies and he will enthusiastically and genuinely tell you, that his work is all-absorbing. It’s true. But Mark is no ‘dull boy’, continuing as he does to effect positive change and develop radical new approaches to the problems and opportunities facing industry, rural commerce and the Planet.

Mark Lumsdon Taylor - YOU

Senior Corporate Consultant






It’s only impossible until it isn’t.


Mark Lumsdon-Taylor is a Senior Corporate Consultant for MHA MacIntyre Hudson, the 10th largest accountancy firm in the world. He has come full circle: following a diverse C-suite corporate finance career, Mark returned to the firm where he originally trained.

Mark specialises in the areas of Agriculture, Food & Farming; Healthcare, Digital, IEE and ESG. Indeed, Mark is passionate about Dynamic ESG – transforming businesses, enterprises and the Planet, in a sustainable way.


When you meet Mark, don’t expect a typical financially trained consultant. Mark is dynamic, highly commercial, enthusiastic, experienced and plain-speaking. Mark says it as it is and has the expertise to substantiate his assertions.

Mark launched his website in 2021 for two reasons:

1. To provide a conduit for discussion and debate, and
2. To offer his services as a well-respected and popular public speaker


Mark Lumsdon-Taylor has won numerous awards for his work including youngest recipient of the National Finance Director of the year, the national Accounting for Sustainability award, National Business Finance Director, the Public Sector Award for Financial Turnaround and the Institute of Directors Blue Ribbon award for Governance and Finance Excellence. He is also an ambassador for Kent, UK and is an Ethiopian charity trustee.


Mark specialises in the areas of Agriculture, Food & Farming; Healthcare, Digital, IEE and ESG. Indeed, Mark is passionate about Dynamic ESG – transforming businesses, enterprises and the Planet, in a sustainable way.

vocational timeline

MHA MacIntyre Hudson Senior Corporate Consultant

Fourayes – Chief Financial Officer

LGCA – Ambassador

Rural Policy Group – Chair of Council

Kent County Agricultural Society – Director and Member of the Council

Hadlow – Deputy, Corporate Transformation Officer and Director of Finance

Ellenor (charity) – Board Trustee

AIFA – non-executive Finance Director

MacIntyre Hudson Audit Manager


Manchester Metropolitan University – MSc Finance

Keele University – BSc LLB Law

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Mark appointed Partner at MHA McIntyre Hudson

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