Today my career has come full circle, in the best way possible.

Many years ago, when I left Keele University as a graduate in Law & Economics, I joined MacIntyre Hudson, the leading Auditing & Accountancy firm, under the Graduate Chartered Accountancy Training Programme, progressing to a Director of Audit.

Following a lengthy secondment, I returned to MHA MacIntyre Hudson in 2019 and am delighted to announce today that I have been appointed as a Partner at MHA MacIntyre Hudson, with special interests in agriculture, food, farming & rural business, as well as the MacIntyre Hudson Dynamic ESG (environmental social and governance) programme.

What does that really mean? It means being able to deliver the very highest levels of service nationally – and globally, MHA is the UK member of Baker Tiller International – in the areas that I am passionate about – Food, Agriculture & Rural Business, and the vital area of Dynamic ESG, as well as a number of other industrial and service sectors.

My aim? To continue to follow my personal goal to ‘make the impossible possible’, and to make a difference, where making a difference really counts.

Linked In: Mark J Lumsdon-Taylor